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We are here to help drivers
get paid right away for their work.

Our friendly payment specialists are ready to help you get paid NOW! We specialize in helping carriers increase their cash flow and avoid waiting 30 days for payment.

AmeriTrust began in 2007 when Dave Van Otten wanted to offer Carriers something more than just Quick Pays from Freight Tec, the brokerage company he started. He saw the importance of offering a service that would help carriers grow rather than putting them out of business with exorbitant fees. It started very small and quickly grew from one employee to nine employees. AmeriTrust currently has had many of their clients for over five years and they have become very successful trucking companies, which is exactly what AmeriTrust’s goal is: To keep Carriers in business so they can succeed. How can we help you succeed? If you have served our country, AmeriTrust would like to thank you by offering a special financing rate. Please contact us for more details. AmeriTrust is a 100% Veteran owned company and we continually give charitable contributions to help families of fallen soldiers. If you have served our country, AmeriTrust would like to thank you by offering a special financing rate. Please contact us for more details.


4 years with AmeriTrust has been one of the best decisions I've made since being in business. I must say working with AmeriTrust has been awesome. I absolutely love love love the staff they are an amazing group. Anytime there is a hiccup with an invoice or delays with paper on my behalf, AmeriTrust always tries to find away to fix a mistake and get invoices processed efficiently. I wouldn't trust another factoring company but AmeriTrust.

David (TX)

We have been with AmeriTrust for a number of years, and they continue to do an excellent job in meeting our financing needs. I had invoices already mailed that I wanted AmeriTrust to purchase. All I had to do was fax over a copy of the invoices, and let them do the rest of the work. They did all of the calling to verify with our customers, and I had my money as soon as they were done.

Tanya (CA)

AmeriTrust has exceeded my expectations in a factoring company. They don't just provide quick pay, they provide essential knowledge and industry experience for my company. Their claims department has been particularly helpful during what can be a very stressful time. They worked with one of my brokers trying to find a fair solution, and gave me the business support and advice I needed. AmeriTrust goes the extra mile for their carriers. I truly beleive you go above & beyond! I don't know what I would do w/o you guys!

Terri (MD)

When I call AmeriTrust, I am quickly connected to someone who can answer my questions and help resolve any concerns I have. They know about my company needs; they know how to get me my money fast, and my bills paid on time. We would recommend AmeriTrust to anyone looking for personalized customer service from a factoring company!

Aileen (FL)

We have worked with AmeriTrust for the past 4 years. We are truly grateful for the excellent customer service they have. We love talking to everyone and they are so helpful. On the factoring side the ease of processing paperwork is great and runs smooth. AmeriTrust is great at keeping everything up to date and complete. Thank you so much for all you do for our company.

Paul (UT)

AmeriTrust is a great company! The people are friendly, and if there’s ever an issue they resolve it quickly. Jenny is AWESOME!

Mitch (IN)

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